Thank You For My Invaluable Internship As Your Brand Ambassador & Office Assistant

Dear Dr. Cat, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for allowing me to be your Brand Ambassador & Office Assistant during my 3 months Internship for Luib Health Center. I have learned a lot about not only Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Nutrition, but also Business and Marketing (something I struggled with at first.) Now, I know how to effectively promote and communicate with others the message that I am conveying. It was exciting to be able to attend the California Chiropractic Convention at the Paradise Point Resort and the Standard Process Lunch & Learn Nutritional Workshops with you. I also enjoyed my first Professional Photo Shoot, a great investment to my Career Portfolio. All the events and other provided opportunities allowed my full immersion into the practice of Holistic Health, making my internship experience truly one of a kind. The insights that you provided aided in my growth as an interested student in the Holistic Field. The Village of Promise Event was a great opportunity to share what I have learned from you to other students. Being a leader/teacher for this event assisted in the overall development of my public speaking skills. I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to educate the youth and help them develop a love for Holistic Health too. The entire experience of serving and leading at Luib Health Center was very gratifying. I appreciate the resources that you have provided me as well as your mentorship throughout these several months together. As a visual learner, it was really helpful how you explained what exactly you were doing for the patient. The shadowing aspect was one of my favorite parts about this internship. All my best referrals for others to experience Internship & Growth at Luib Health Center. I have learned/developed so much and take confidence that future interns after me will too. Dr. Cat’s passion for preventative care is very inspiring. That is why I am interested in pursuing the Chiropractic Field after I complete my last year in college. I fully expect our paths to cross in the future. As I remain in gratitude to you, I look forward to keeping in touch.”

Sincerely, Natalie Martin
Luib Health Center
Brand Ambassador & Office Assistant