Dr. Catherine Sy Luib

As a dually licensed Chiropractor and Acupuncture Physician, Dr. Luib is here to serve you with your health needs. As a holistic doctor, Dr. Luib promotes optimal health and well being for all her patients. Her approach and belief of holistic medicine integration is evident as a better way to serve her patients’ overall well being needs.

I take time and a holistic approach to make sure that I treat the root cause and not just the symptoms of every one of my patients

To enhance her patients experience and serve their treatments, she analyzes each patient uniquely with health assessments done through Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine along with the use of Chinese of herbal medicines that include nutrition and organic whole food vitamin concentrates. This unique process significantly enhances her patients well being and healing within a short time.

Chiropractic • Acupuncture • Traditional Chinese Medicine • Nutrition • Herbs • Filipino Traditional Medicine (Hilot)

How Dr. Luib can help you!

Dr. Luib understands that in order for each of her patients to reach optimal healing, education and the mind, body & spirit connection are of huge importance. Her knowledge of holistic medicine integration and certification in clinical hypnotherapy & neuro-linguistic programming help bring out the best health of her patients. She is there every step of the way to serve and educate her patients on their overall well being needs and health.

Start the path to a better life and optimal health by contacting Dr. Catherine Sy Luib at the Luib Health Center.