Support Group + Group Therapy With Dr.Cat

Do you feel a heaviness in your chest? A plum pit in the throat? Do you desire to speak whats deep inside you and just let it come out?

During the last 30 years, researchers have shown great interest in the phenomena of social support, particularly in the context of health. Current research is extending our understanding of social support’s influences on health. Many epidemiological studies have concentrated on further linking measures of social support to physical health outcomes. Recent findings often show a robust relationship in which social and emotional support from others can be protective for health.

When joining a support group, you may be uncomfortable at first when it comes time to discuss problems in front of strangers. However, the fact that others are facing the same type of situation may help you open up and discuss your feelings. In addition, everything that takes place within the support group is kept confidential. At Luib Heath Center, Empowerment Hour – Support Group Sessions are now available. While there may be fees at other Support Groups, ours will just be donation base. The importance for us is to create a connection, a tribe that can just allow for a safe space and no judgements. The ADDITIONAL BONUS of this monthly sessions is that it is designed to ALSO PROVIDE Group Therapy through Herbal Medicinal Teas that relax the mind and body, Aromatherapy, Negation Ion Therapy, Sound Baths, Guided Meditation and Qi Gong Empowerment Breathing Exercises,” says Dr. Cat.

There will be 4 sessions monthly, held only at the 1st Monday of the week and begin promptly

The Empowerment Hour – Support Group for Moms. 5pm-6pm.

The Empowerment Hour – Support Group for The Professional Women. 6pm-7pm.

The Empowerment Hour – Support Group for The Entrepreneur. 7pm-8pm.

The Empowerment Hour – Support Group for The College Student. 8pm-9pm.

At Luib Health Center, probably the biggest advantage of our support groups is helping a person realize that he or she is not alone — that there are other people who have the same problems. This is often a revelation and a huge relief to the person. There are several benefits of self-help and peer support groups as a way to ameliorate and control stress‐ related health conditions. Further benefits of participating in our support groups may also include:

• Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged

• Gaining a sense of empowerment and control

• Improving your coping skills and sense of adjustment

• Talking openly and honestly about your feelings

• Reducing distress, depression, anxiety or fatigue

• Developing a clearer understanding of your self

Please Note the following, Luib Health Center’s Empowerment Hour – Support Group Session Rules & Guidelines:

  • LIMITED SEATING, up to 10 participants/session only

  • Arrive 10 min prior, waiting area at the lounge by elevator

  • Use restrooms ahead of time

  • Sessions start promptly, no entrance or exiting of doors as to not disturb the energy of the room

  • Only bring your self and your personal comfortable sitting pillow, Leave all belongings in your car

  • No strong perfumes/scents as other participants may be sensitive


  • This is NOT a networking event

  • Listen, Heart Open, No judgement, Respect, Trust, Gentle Words

  • Be mindful of the time when you are sharing, no “hogging of the mic”

  • The room is the safe space, ALL things shared remains there & not to be repeated outside to others

  • Must RSVP to join at

  • Cash Donations Welcomed to help offset costs of venue and herb materials used