Representing And Showcasing TCM & Acupuncture at the Port Of San Diego’s Annual Health, Benefits, Sustainability Fair

After several years of working in the Cruise Ship Industry as an Onboard Acupuncturist with her own clinic in the Spa, Dr. Cat is pleasantly connected back to one of her then cruise itinerary ports. The Port of San Diego was often one of the stops of the Celebrity Cruise Ship and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, for whom she employed with during her cruise career.

The picture below highlights Dr. Cat at her Spa Clinic (a three treatment room facility) onboard the Celebrity Century Cruise Ship, when she was the manager of the Acupuncture At Sea Program.

Many thanks to the Port of San Diego for inviting our Luib Health Center to represent and showcase its Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Services to its Employees and Staff at their “Annual Health, Benefits, Sustainability” Fair.

It was a wonderful turnout of both employees and vendors. I had a lot of fun sharing about TCM and addressing particular health concerns by participants. Thanks to those who visited our booth, received their tongue and pulse diagnosis and signed up for our event specials. I look forward to assisting the health goals of as many employees/staff of the Port of San Diego.” -says, Dr.Cat.