Providing Guidance & Mentorship for Young Teens with Incarcerated Parents

On Saturday 06/17/17, an Impactful Collaborative event was hosted at Luib Health Center, in the Scripps Ranch location. Dr. Catherine Sy Luib (affectionately known as Dr. Cat by her patients) and Natalie Martin (Office Assistant) demonstrated to 10 participating teens about holistic medicine and holistic living for Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health. The goal to help through Educating, Empowering & Breaking the cycle of incarceration TOGETHER with Mr. Viet Mai of The Village of Promise was key. 

We want to show our community about the importance of mentorship and in highlighting TRUE HEALTH practices/careers such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Nutrition, Detox, Aromatherapy, Light Therapy, Sound Therapy and Exercise,” says Dr. Cat.

The Village of Promise (VOP) Collective Mentoring Program works with middle and high school students who have or had a parent in prison. They meet with the kids twice a month for a workshop and a behind-the-scenes outing. In addition, they have an annual summer camp and periodic parent and family workshops and gatherings. 

Our mission is to BREAK the cycle of incarceration through a collective mentorship model,” says Viet.

The 10 young teens of the program came from a variety of San Diego school’s like Arroyo Paseo, HSHMC, La Jolla High, Charter, Knox, Morse and O’ Farrell. Participants included: Sakue J., Zayahute R., Adrian A., Hernan, Charles B., Dallon E., Lino L., Faith B., Grace B. and Cameron M. The dedicated VOP Facilitators, serving for more than 3-8 years in the community, included: Arlene Smith, Gregory Casey and Jessica Molina. What a FANTASTIC collaborative event together in guiding and mentoring these precious young teens in our community.

Luib Health Center is so grateful to have been part of creating and shaping the Health Experience of these teens, now our newest BRAND AMBASSADORS and able to share to others what they’ve learned,” says Natalie.

The Village of Promise EMPOWERS vulnerable youth with tools and confidence for them recognize and build their own sustainable villages. They teach them every day personal and interpersonal skills that promote INNER PEACE and sense of PURPOSE. They expose them to possibilities and opportunities so that they can generate hope and ambition beyond their current limitations. VOP is truly a grassroots organization and they look to the immediate San Diego communities to join us in breaking the cycle of incarceration. Please help us spread the word about this great organization for young teens and of Luib Health Center’s effective holistic health and healing services. Please visit their associated websites at: and