A New Wellness Center, Celebrates It’s Grand Opening

As adults, our optimal health is extremely vital when we want to keep performing our very bests. Earlier this spring, the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce welcomed Luib Health Specialty Service, LLC with the grand opening of its second office. The new wellness center, located on Sports Arena Boulevard, is under the practice of Dr. Catherine Sy Luib. During the celebration, she educated people on how to achieve optimal health and well being through holistic medicine. As a holistic doctor, she specializes in chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, and herbal formulation. Her philosophy lies in treating the root cause of illnesses, not just the symptoms. The grand opening was held in front of the wellness center with live music, food, programs, chiropractic demonstrations, and an official ribbon cutting ceremony. Along with her staff, Dr. Luib deeply conveyed that holistic health is easily accessible to all people.

During the event, Dr. Luib explained that there are many aspects in people’s lives in which holistic medicine can improve. One of these aspects is stress. She gave an informative seminar about adrenal glands. These glands maintain the proper balance the body needs to handle stress. Many people have weak adrenals and don’t know it; their bodies can’t handle stress right. Weak adrenals create imbalances causing anxiety, depression, fatigue, poor memory, and focus problems. “All of us as business owners, employees, and leaders experience this on a regular basis because we’re not feeding our adrenals.” Said Dr. Luib. “Support is the key to maintaining balance.” Complimentary adrenal health supplements were provided for everyone so they can personally experience the difference with strong, supported adrenals.

Luib Health Specialty Service, LLC also showcased brands that they authorize for optimal health. Modere, Standard Process, and MediHerb believe in producing high quality products that are 100% free from carcinogenic ingredients. This philosophy is important to the wellness center because chemicals used in regular products eventually lead to illnesses. Dr. Cat stated that many cancers and diseases people get later in life are due to consuming these ingredients. These brands manufacture essentials such as beauty items, household cleaning supplies, and vitamin supplements and can be purchased through the wellness center.

The event served as an introduction to how holistic medicine ensures optimal health and a quality life. Luib Health Specialty Service, LLC is a facility where people are healed through education. Dr. Luib teaches people how to stay healthy in addition to curing their illnesses. With her two locations, she aims to help bring more of our city to its proper, optimal health.

For more information about Luib Health Speacialty Service, LLC visit: www.LuibHealthCenter.com OR call 760-683-8738