Pansamantala (Impermanence)

Moments come and go. You feel as though your days are just passing by. Days turning into weeks. Weeks turning into months. Months turning into years.

It is helpful to remind ourselves that as we stand before the challenges of life, we must learn to overcome the overwhelming emotions and thoughts. Remember, that is what it means to be human. And that at one point or another, all of us have experienced some sort of grief and loss.

Many of us will go through some type of pain, frustration and sadness. We can experience this over break up of relationships or loss of jobs. Even so, some may become unfortunate victims of evil and wrongdoings. But if we remain in the knowing that all situations and circumstances are not permanent, we will then be able to overcome the challenges associated.

So remember. Do not forget the impermanence to all things. Yes, you and the life you lead are constantly changing. Nothing is permanent. This why we must both understand and accept the transient nature in all.

Pansamantala (Impermanence)
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