Epimune Complex

With the current state of our society, the importance of immune health is at an all time high. When we think of immune health, we think of Vitamin C. While Vitamin C supplements may be the most popular option for boosting immune function, there are many other methods of supplementation that can help improve our bodies’ immune responses. One such product is Standard Process’s Epimune Complex.

Standard Process’s Epimune Complex is a good source of Vitamin C, but it also contains several other complexes known for boosting immune function. Epimune Complex is loaded with Zinc, a mineral crucial for the development and function of immune cells. Studies have shown that those who are zinc deficient are more susceptible to infections caused by viruses and bacteria, and possibly even parasites. Zinc plays a major role in keeping us healthy and well.

Another ingredient in Standard Process’s Epimune Complex is turkey tail mushroom powder. The use of turkey tail mushrooms is popular in Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine practices to help treat lung diseases and cancers. Specifically, turkey tail has been used to help strengthen the immune system during standard cancer treatments. Evidence from several previous studies show that the active compound in turkey tail, polysaccharide K (PSK), can help repair immune cell damage and strengthen the immune system. One of the main ingredients in Standard Process’s Epimune Complex is turkey tail mushroom powder, meaning it comes loaded with PSK, meaning it can help repair any damage to our immune systems, ultimately creating a better immune response.

Standard Process’s Epimune Complex also utilizes maitake mushroom extract and powder. Similar to turkey tail mushrooms, maitake mushrooms have been used traditionally in Asia as aids in cancer treatment due to the active compounds and their effects on the immune system. Maitake mushrooms are high in compounds called glucans. Research has shown that glucans play a significant role in the stimulation of immune responses. Standard Process includes maitake mushroom as an ingredient in Epimune Complex to ensure a strengthened immune system.

Standard Process’s Epimune Complex is packed with immune boosting compounds – Vitamin C, Zinc, glucans from maitake mushrooms, and PSK from turkey tail mushrooms. It’s a great way to ensure our immune systems are strong and up to any task that they may encounter. Now more than ever we need strong immune systems. Dr. Cat and the Luib Health Center are here to assist anyone who wants to naturally fortify their immune system. Give them a call today!


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