Enriching The Lives of Youth with The Village of Promise Org

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting youth and staff members from the Village of Promise at our Holistic Wellness Center. We had fun sharing about our unique center and the focus on integrating various wellness approaches, including physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual growth, to help both youth and mentor leaders achieve balance and vitality.

We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with the Village of Promise and other community organizations, aiming to create a healthier, more vibrant San Diego for everyone.

The Village of Promise Health Outreach Program began in 2003 when 12 church members organized to address unmet mental health needs of individuals living in an underserved community in San Diego County.

A broad coalition of area churches, and governmental and civic organizations committed to collaboration to serve this underserved segment of the community.

Depression emerged as the first mental health concern, and the organization began to hold screenings and educational forums on depression. The organization evolved from providing mental health screenings to identifying and addressing the unique trauma of youth whose parents are incarcerated. A program was born.

The program now serves youth who have experienced separation from a parent due to incarceration, death, divorce, ICE detention, deportation, or foster or out-of-home placement.