Dr. Cat’s Commitment On Staying Up-To-Date With The Latest Nutritional Research

Dr. Cat, of Luib Health Center, is continuing her unwavering commitment to her patients and advanced patient care through attending many health related Continuing Education Classes, Workshops and Conventions. That would include professions for Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Herbology and Nutrition.

Nutrition is a Major Key to advancing wholistic health care and I aim to be as integrative and comprehensive as I can to best help my patients,” says Dr. Cat.

One of the ways in which Dr. Cat continues her commitment to this ideal is by staying up-to-date on the latest Nutritional Research. She is excited to announce in being a part of a new online site that is an engaging, interactive educational forum which brings together healthcare professionals who are interested in capturing advanced clinical nutrition information.

Dr. Cat will be learning & sharing more about:

  • what really matters in wholistic patient care and wholistic nutrition
  • engaging with leading clinicians to discuss clinical protocols and guidelines
  • see what peers are reading and recommending
  • connecting via peer-to-peer conversations to share insights about patient-focused care.