Dr. Cat Recognized As “100 Most Influential Filipina Woman In The World,” awarded as “Emerging Leader” in London, UK

At the Filipina Women’s Network Awards Gala Night. Dr. Cat is so happy to be among the many aspiring Filipina women on stage, her new sisters, who together will each be receiving the prestigious global recognition and award.

We, as awardees, were noted to share just 10 words or less for our special speech moment. And as I thought long and hard on the specific words, I realized that my words should be on the reminder of what I presented as a Speaker Of PinayTalks. ‘Heart base living, that is the key to personal, social, and global coherence.’ Those were the memorable words that I shared on stage because that is THE HOW. Because you see, when we become mindful and practice this, that will be when we shall see TRUE COMPASSION for the whole and AS A WHOLE, lasting PEACE with ourselves, each other and throughout the globe. And only then will we, as humanity, be able to progress forward and upward into the NEXT LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. We are in such dire need of this, please share and remember that that is THE HOW.” – says, Dr. Cat.

Dr. Cat is so grateful and thrilled to have been recognized as the “Most Influential Filipina Woman in the Word” from Global FWN 100 and to be honored with the “Emerging Leader Award” in London, United Kingdom. This award category recognizes Filipina Women below age 35 who are making their mark in a leadership role, are on the pathway to principalship and building capacity across an organizational system. Emerging Leaders have powerful mindsets and skill sets that drive achievement for their organizations.

Dr. Cat shares that without her Filipino American Chamber Of Commerce, San Diego Organization Board members (Ms. Kristine Custodio of Butterfield Schechter LLP and Ms. Joy Murao of Practice Aligned Resources LLC) to nominate and support her, this would not have been possible. She also shares the stage with Joy Murao as another award recipient, in the category of “Builders.” Congratulations and cheers to Ms. Joy Murao!

My gratitude to Father God, Mother Earth, family, friends, life partner and community who have supported me and will continue to support me through my journey. I am so very very thankful to all my family who show me their love and belief in me and in what I do. I am feeling your hearts and I thank each and every one of you, I love you all!” – says, Dr. Cat