Andrographis Complex

Andrographis is an herb used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to treat many health issues, ranging from allergies to cancers. It has also been used to treat the common cold and the flu because it is long believed that andrographis boosts the immune system. When it comes to strengthening our immune systems, should we believe the claims behind andrographis?

Andrographis boasts immune supporting qualities that will help keep us well. Several studies assessing the legitimacy of these claims have been performed. One study found that people with the common cold who took andrographis saw a reduction in severity. Data from other studies showed evidence that it can actually prevent catching the cold. Participant groups that took andrographis in these studies saw fewer total number of colds. The explanation of these results likely stems from the chemical makeup of the herb. The active constituent is andrographis are known as andrographolides, which are known to help fight against microbes. This includes the viruses and bacterium that cause infections that lead to colds and the flu. So, when it comes to immune health, evidence suggests that andrographis can indeed give our immune responses a boost and keep us healthier.

Andrographis is not a well known herb, and because of that, it may not be readily available or easy to find everywhere. Luckily, Standard Process’s Medi-Herb line offers an Andrographis Complex supplement that is available through the Luib Health Center. It is comprised of andrographis, Echinacea, and holy basil – three plants that all help boost the immune system. It is crucial that we keep our immune systems strong, especially now. If you want to give your immune system an added edge, consider implementing andrographis into your daily routine. Call Luib Health Center today to order your own Andrographis Complex!

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